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Weekly NETS held on 146.880 2 Meters
Pulaski County   
Weather Net   Sunday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by Ben  KK4JPX , Lloyd WD4IUV
Lake Cumberland Region
  ARES Net   Tuesday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by Don  AC4DM, Wanda  
NET held on 145.010 Packet Net Sunday Nights 7:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX
NET held on 28.350 USB 10 Meters  (alternate 28.355)
Lake Cumberland Emergency Net   Thursday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Alan KE4SVO, Tommy
KY4TB & Greg AD4GC

Note: all times are Eastern.  
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Editor:  Wanda Munsey  WM4LM

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LCARA has several remote receive site's already in place, with more to follow.  Monthly meetings, VE testing,
Breakfast every Wednesday at the Dairy Queen on South US 27, Somerset KY.  Learn more by visiting the
LCARA Schedule on this Website.
July 24 Meeting
The issue with the audio at the 88 site has been
addressed and a fix is in the works.
2.  The audio issue with the link for Monticello and 88
should be resolved shortly.
3.  Several at the LCDHD were advised their licenses
has expired some have renewed.  Note:  Your licenses
can be renewed on line at no cost.
4. The April 18, 2015 Yamacraw Tail Races were
discussed and a letter read.  Other past activities were
discussed as well.
5. Digital Repeater was discussed with lots of
questions raised.  

Mark your calendar for next meeting  August 28, 2017
Hope you will be able to attend.
August 2017  Calendar of events:
Monday, 7th Workday for the 88 Repeater.*
Saturday, 14th Workday for the Monticello Repeater.*
Saturday, 26th LCARA Fish Fry, NOON 1st Christian Church 1115 Hwy 39 Somerset,
KY 42503
Monday, 28th LCARA meeting  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET.
Each Wednesday Breakfast at the Dairy Queen  8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
South US 27 Somerset KY

* Meet at the home of AC4DM around 9 to 9:30 AM ET
Bike Races 2012
VE Test Session
July 21, 2017
6 VE's present
1 Candidate
1 Upgrade to General
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Area Nets