Lake Cumberland

Amateur Radio Association

An ARRL Affiliated Club

Promoting & Supporting Amateur Radio Communications

Fusion Digital Mode Update

Somerset Fusion is now ID 88
Monticello Fusion is now ID 15


This change was made to prevent other repeaters from activating our repeaters.

Come Visit Us

Hands On Amateur Radio Linked Dipole
Hands On

Come Get Hands On Experience
Some Months We Make Things
Third Monday Each Month

45 Crabapple Lane
Somerset, KY 42503

Some Past Projects:

Power Relay

Tape Measure Yagi

Dummy Load

LCARA Amateur Radio
Monthly Meeting

Fourth Monday Each Month
No Meeting In December

First Christian Church
Rear Community Room
1115 HWY 39
Somerset, KY 42503
Frisch's Big Boy - Breakfast

Every Wednesday

8 - 10:00 AM

You don't have to order a meal to come hang out and chat.

Reach Out & communicate

Getting your amateur radio license is just the start. There are many things you can do with radio such as using local repeaters, getting into digital radio, as well as making HF contacts around the world.

LCARA provides testing opportunities for you to get started. If you are not yet licensed and wish to learn more, reach out to us from the Contacts Page, or see Getting Licensed.

Getting Involved in the Community

We go to some events to help spread the hobby of Amateur Radio, giving the community a chance to see equipment in use. We also have provided communication during the McCreary Gravel Rally, where cell phone coverage is unreliable in some locations along the course.

Repeater maintenance is an ongoing task. LCARA visits each repeater site monthly to perform repairs, grounds & equipment maintenance, and upgrades as needed.