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WOW! The McCreary Gravel Rally is over for 2024—LCARA thanks to Bernie & Matt for reaching out to us. Super nice people and we made new friends; safety was the main concern. Pleasant weather for race day. LCARA provided excellent communications from the Cross Band Repeaters we built. We have tweaking to do and learned that handhelds did not perform as well, but we are already working on a fix for that in 2025. Thanks to all 16 LCARA members who helped and those from VA & IN who helped; could not have done it without you. We learned to set up in rain and take down in the dark, all done safely.

The new LCARA website is up and operational Fred, did an amazing job, let us hear from you. We have PayPal. Just go check out all parts of the site you will be amazed, I was. Big thanks to Fred.

Membership keeps fluctuating, non-renewals dropped from membership.

Howard did not use the proposed tower as it was unsafe to remove, and a different safer tower is now down.

New club business reported we may have found our 88-site interference, we will take care of it on Saturday May 4th workday, if this is the culprit will make same change at the 150 location.

LCARA is now ready to start on other projects that have been on hold.

Come out to Hands On and learn new and exciting things, for example knot tying, how to properly roll up coax, and more good stuff.

Well, that is it for April. Do not forget to check out the new website, you are going to like it.  See you back here in May—Get those Names for this page emailed to Miss Wanda.