Our Repeaters

Locations Lake Cumberland Amateur Radio Club Maintains


Extending Communication Distance

Repeaters do not just consist of a simple radio or pair of radios that relay from one to the other. Donations as well as club member dues goes toward maintaining & replacing equipment.


Non Repeater (Simplex) Frequencies We Use:

Somerset -   146.580
Monticello - 147.570

Amateur Ham Radio Repeater 88
Somerset Kentucky Repeater "88"

IRLP & Echolink

IRLP (Allstar) Node 8321

Echolink Node 547189 (ID AC4DM-R)

C4FM (Fusion)

Fusion ID 88.

2 Meter

146.880 MHz PL Tone 77 Hz.


Remote Receive Sites:

Downtown PL Tone 179.9 Hz
Mount victory PL Tone 136.5 Hz
Russel Springs PL Tone 103.5 Hz
Wayne County PL Tone 110.9 Hz
Mill Springs (Currently Offline)

70 CM

443.600 MHz PL Tone 100 Hz.

1.25 Meters

224.100 MHz PL Tone 100 Hz.

10 Meters

29.680 Mhz PL Tone 146.2 Hz

Monticello Kentucky Repeater "150"

C4FM (Fusion)

Fusion ID 15.

6 Meters

53.390 MHz. PL Tone 100 Hz.
Offset of 1 Mhz

2 Meter

145.150 MHz PL Tone 77 Hz.

1.25 Meters

224.100 MHz PL Tone 100 Hz


Coming Soon!

This repeater is currently awaiting installation at site.