How LCARA Started

It Was 1974

Tony DePrato (WA4JQS) founded Lake Cumberland Amateur Radio Association on June 29, 1974 with 29 charter members. The clubs By-Laws were accepted by the ARRL, and the ARRL charter was issued September 28, 1974 with a 100% ARRL Membership Certificate issues.At the time the club was open to all persons in the area who held an Amateur Radio License. Tony DePrato was the first elected president.

In the early years, activities included a Ham Fest, Code and Theory Class, a published news letter, and Field Day exercises.
Several of the 29 charter members are silent keys today. They will be missed.

We are still going strong with nearly 100 members. The club still hold the same values and principle as it did when it was first formed. The club is open to all Amateur Radio licensees, as well as those interested in ham radio preparing to get their license.

We support and maintain two repeaters, as well as provide Echo Link and IRLP connections to the main 88 repeater.

We are an active club with monthly meetings, hands on days, as well as weekly nets. Repeater and Net information can be found through the menu. Each year we have a fish fry, and a Christmas dinner in December instead of our normal monthly meeting.

Wednesdays we have breakfast at Frisch's Big Boy in Somerset, KY - 8:00 to 10:00.


Past Club Activities

Provided communications for various runs/walks for that support different causes. Runs/walks and table top exercises in conjunction with the Lake Cumberland District Health Dept. State wide exercises with the Kentucky National Guard. JOTA Scout events and the 100 Anniversary of Scouting in America.

Provided communication for various races including Mt. Victory bike races. Held classes at the Lake Cumberland District Health Dept. (LCDHD), Somerset Nursing & Rehab and the Wayne County Hospital for their employees interested in Amateur Radio. Helped set up Amateur Radio stations at the LCDHD, Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, Somerset Nursing & Rehab, Wayne County Hospital, and Russel County Hospital.

Fun in the Club

Some things we enjoy as a club.

  • Meeting and Eating

  • Field Day Exercises

  • Attending Ham Fests