Although there has been some controversy over the ARRL operation, they do put a lot of work into making sure we have our allocated bandwidth for Amateur Radio use. Without someone fighting for our air space, the FCC would just take away some of our privileges.


Some of the VE test locations use resources supplied by the ARRL.


The website is also good for seeing different news articles on weather, and solar patterns.

FCC Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio page of the FCC web site.


QRZ is a great tool to look up a call sign you hear on the radio and so much more.

It's a site to find news, as well as an online swap-meet. One of our members has personally purchased a couple items from their swap-meet forum.


QSL.NET hosts web sites, e-mail forwarding accounts, and mailing lists for amateur radio operators. This is done at no cost to amateur radio operators and organizations. They operate solely on donations. The website would be

If you want to have php, or a more traditional website that QSL doesn't provide, you can get hosting here.


Product reviews, Forums, Classifieds, News, and Articles

Repeater Builder

Great resource for seeing how a repeater works, goes into what is needed, with links to different hardware that can be used.